Comprehensive Visitors Guide to Downtown Auburn, AL

January 21, 2021 Jack Tuthill
Toomer's Drug Store

A Comprehensive Visitor’s Guide to Downtown Auburn

It’s no secret that Downtown Auburn is a classic, bustling hub for student-athletes, businesspeople, sweethearts, and retirees alike. Many of Alabama’s finest boutiques, classiest bars, and most breathtaking architectural marvels lie within walking distance of The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. While “Tiger mania” still looks and feels a little different here in early 2021, there is a glimmer of light at the end of this pandemic’s tunnel. With that, perhaps the winter of 2021 is the best time to fall in love with Downtown Auburn’s most enticing attractions before droves of navy blue and burnt orange-clad folks fill the district’s many bars, restaurants, and shops. However, there’s something undeniably magical about seeing Downtown Auburn manifestly thrive—a sight that we very much look forward to in the coming months.

Shop ‘til You Drop

Downtown Auburn is home to dozens of small businesses, including quaint bookstores, high-end boutiques, and classic college shops. Ladies can purchase a whole new wardrobe inside the likes of Behind the Glass, Therapy Boutique, Elisabet Boutique, Ellie, and fab’rik, a 

quinfecta of chic boutiques featuring the latest and greatest fashion and jewelry trends. We also adore Auburn Candle Company’s hand-poured soy candles. They also boast “create your own” candle kits, which serve as a fun introduction to the fragrance industry. J&M Bookstore is perhaps the best place in town to purchase Tigers gear, and it’s now also the proud home to The locAL Market, a thought-provoking art studio. Stamp. also features some fun Tigers apparel, much of which can be customized. Meanwhile, The Locker Room is the city’s premier men’s clothing outfitter, featuring sleek, head-turning designs. Lastly, Wrapsody is a great place to purchase a gift for your lady Tigers.

The Lively Bar Scene

Unlike most college towns in SEC Country, Downtown Auburn’s lively bar scene offers a more sophisticated atmosphere. Thus, on a given evening, you will spot smiling college students, couples on a romantic night out, businesspeople who flew into town for meetings at the Dixon Conference Center, and local retirees soaking up the cosmopolitan ambiance. Piccolo 241, Downtown Auburn’s finest cocktail bar and live jazz club, is the perfect place to start or finish your evening. Other nearby mainstays include the Draft House, The Hound, The Avondale Bar, LiveOaks, and The Depot. Each of these Downtown Auburn bars offers something unique, whether that’s the Draft House’s extensive tap list, The Avondale’s vibrant cocktails, LiveOaks’ outdoor patio, or The Depot’s dazzling spirit-laden backsplash.

Auburn University’s Sights and Sounds

Most must-see attractions in (or near) Downtown Auburn revolve around Auburn University, whether that’s breathtaking Samford Hall, Toomer’s Corner (where rolling is a tradition, not a mischievous act), the Museum of Natural History, the Peet Theatre, and the Hall of Honor. The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center is central to all things campus-related. And our connection ranges from our famous brunch to Auburn Abroad in Italy and the War Eagle Parent Program. Lastly, two long-standing drug stores witness a seemingly never-ending sea of patrons: Toomer’s Drugs and the Skybar Cafe. Don’t leave town without gulping down a fresh-squeezed lemonade at Toomer’s and swaying to live music at the Skybar.

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