Our Story The Auburn Connection

The Auburn connection begins with our owners, Auburn University, and our long-standing connection to the College of Human Sciences and 

The Horst Schulze School of Hospitality Management.  

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Meet Us in Auburn

Upon arrival you are met with a majestic Japanese Maple in our circle (Coach Pat Dye's favorite), a bronze War Eagle in our lobby (rub the nose for good luck), and the Auburn Creed on our elevator doors (get pumped up while you wait to go up). Once you arrive inside your guest room, a vintage map of Auburn  adorns your wall based upon the decade your floor number represents. Join us for dinner in Ariccia Cucina Italiana, named after the picturesque town of Ariccia located just 17 miles southeast of Rome and the home of the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program. Finally, we welcome furry friends (we love pets, especially those of our guests visiting the Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital). And, when its time to take out the decorations, you will see an Auburn Family Tree in the Conference Center where ornaments have been donated by guests and locals to be reused each year. And, each year the largest Gingerbread Village in East Alabama goes on display at the beginning of December showcasing Auburn University buildings along with our chosen charity of over a decade Storybook Farm.

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Genuine Connection

Our connection to Auburn is strong and vibrant. More than half of our hotel team is made up of Auburn University students and serves as a hands-on learning environment for those pursuing a career in hospitality management. There is so much more to our story including the amazing artwork displayed in the Conference Center which was commissioned specifically for this space by artists native to Alabama or having graduated from Auburn University.

And the story continues to unfold. Our new neighbor to the north is the Tony & Libba Rane Culinary Science Center, shaping the next generation of top-tier culinary and hospitality professionals while providing exceptional guest experiences in a revolutionary educational facility.


Lobby Art Tour