Our top priority is the safety and security of our guests and team members. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the proactive measures we are taking to provide a safe and clean environment for each of you:

Public Areas

· We have raised our standards for cleanliness and sanitation to even higher levels, utilizing commercial disinfectants recommended and provided by our Ecolab partner.

· We are providing hand sanitation stations for all guests at the entrances of the hotel.

· We have implemented a “No Contact” check-in where guests process their own payment and activate their own room keys. In addition, all items that a guest touches are sanitized after each use.

·Our valet team uses steering wheel and gear shift covers in all vehicles

· Sanitized Bell Carts are available at the entrance for each guest and are returned to the front desk to be sanitized after use.

· We have installed signage throughout the hotel to remind guests of social distancing.

· Lounge chairs on the pool deck have been placed 6 ft apart and are sanitized after each use.  

· With our guest's safety in mind, we are limiting access to our fitness center to four guests at a time. We are continuously monitoring the fitness center to ensure it is properly sanitized between each guest's use.  

Guest Rooms

· Rooms are being deep cleaned 24 hours after guest departs. This is done for the safety of our housekeeping team. The room is sanitized and disinfected using recommended chemicals from our EcoLab partner before a next guest can be checked in.

-Electrostatic sprayers are in use for the guestrooms.

· Room attendants are washing their hands in accordance with CDC guidelines, as well as utilizing hand sanitizer before and after servicing each guest room in addition to wearing gloves.

· Additional measures have been taken to provide Lysol/Sanitizer for every room attendant to use as an additional method of disinfectant.


Food & Beverage

Ariccia Cucina and our team members are committed to and have pledged our support to the Alabama Restaurant Promise. For more information on the Alabama Restaurant Promise please visit http://www.arhaonline.com. In addition to this pledge we are ensuring that your safety is our number one priority by:

· Tables are spaced over six feet apart and Plexiglas shields have been hung at the bar, host stand and HC Valentine

· Ariccia offers reservations in order to reduce communal waiting areas

· All room service and curbside to go orders are placed in single use packaging.

· All restaurant staff will wear masks and gloves

· Sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the restaurant.

· Signage is displayed throughout the restaurant indicating entries & exits to reduce the potential of crossing paths

· Ariccia’s patio has been setup to allow for spacing 

· A Supervisor is solely responsible for overseeing the cleaning and sanitation of Ariccia Cucina.

· All restaurant service staff are certified in SERVSafe through the Alabama Department of Public Health

· All restaurant service staff have been certified in best practices during COVID-19 through the Alabama Department of Public Health

Team Members

· All service staff are trained in ServSafe food and beverage safety

· We require employees to self-quarantine at home if they have

  • Traveled in the past 14 days
  • Come in contact with someone who has traveled in the past 14 days
  • Any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 (i.e. Fever, dry cough, trouble breathing, body aches, etc.)